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5/27/2020 4:10:53 PM

iPhone car ignition powers

Rinspeed, the wild Swiss company responsible for last year's submersible Lotus Elise is the owener of this amazing concept .

 iPhone car ignition powers Swiss concept - an array of automotive-themed iPhone applications – accelerometers, parking reminders, racing games – are little more than cute amusements for waiting in the dentist's office. But the most innovative and useful auto app isn't available for download …



And how amzing this concept is compare to others : Open the fighter jet canopy of the Rinspeed iChange, climb into the center driver's seat, and plug in your iPhone. A green starter button graphic appears; press it, and the electric sports car is ready to go. Another button closes the canopy, while another raises it several inches to accommodate two rear seat passengers (hence the word "Change"). Need to double-park and grab a quick sandwich? No problem, the hazard indicator switch is there, too, as well as the headlight controls. Check out for more pictures








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