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10/15/2018 9:46:54 AM

Just few thousands of matchsticks can create a brilliant art


Artist David Mach has used thousands of matchsticks to create these amazing sculptures. Combining an array of matchsticks with different coloured tips, the 52-year-old is able to immortalise the animals in incredible detail complete with antlers of the deer , horns and teeth.



With every work that he spent more than 3 months to complete and of course the price has to be something fixed with his efforts. Each sculpture sells for between 20,000 pounds and 35,000 pounds. Enjoy his excellent work ;)








He recreated the animals' features and different skin shades using 14 different coloured matchsticks imported from Japan.















Mr Mach used an astonishing 30,000 matches to complete the 15-inch high on this gorilla head, which has flared nostrils and a fierce open mouth.


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