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11/20/2018 6:12:50 PM

Dramatic photos show reporter swept away during tsunami

Photos have emerged of a Japanese reporter who managed to suvive after he was caught in the country`s devastating tsunami wave in northeastern Japan.

Toya Chiba, a journalist with the Iwate Tokai newspaper, was caught in the raging water while taking photographs at the mouth of the Owatari River in the port city of Kamaishi.

The surging torrent carried Chiba for about 30m before he managed to escape. He walked away with only a few scratches and bruises. (news.msn.co.nz)


suicidal reporter braves1 jpg

suicidal reporter braves2 jpg

suicidal reporter braves3 jpg

suicidal reporter braves4 jpg

suicidal reporter braves5 jpg

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