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8/14/2020 4:29:19 AM

Light and crazy vehicles designed for Tron 2

Yes I would rather spend the rest of my life wishing to drive these vehicles designed by Daniel Simon, the man designing the lightcycles and other crazy vehicles for Tron 2. He  has recently published Cosmic Motors, a compendium of otherworldly vessels which you will never drive or touch, maybe far away in the future ;)



Well, if you really fancy these dream vehicles , you can visit his blog ( http://cosmic-motors.blogspot.com/ ) to dream with him about all those vehicles plus the impossibly hot women Daniel likes to draw as pilots and pit crew. The vibe, as you can see in the gallery, is somewhere between Star Wars and Firefly, with a touch of Talladega Nights thrown in for good measure.

More pictures of his excellent work













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