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11/14/2018 10:29:21 PM

Collection of Cool Japanese Rice art


First 2 lunch boxes are from a Japanese-American mom, she makes her two cute kids these intricate lunch boxes filled with tediously crafted flowers, animals and geometrical shapes out of typical Japanese lunch fare: seaweed, rice, sausage, egg, edamame, tofu, etc. She photographs them each day and puts them up on net. 



And more yummy Japanese rice art........, I have a very light thinking about Japanese people, they fancy some tiny and cute stuffs. As far as I know like from bar coding, food, digital, gadgets, catoons, animations etc, most of them are tiny, colorful and ver cute. I mean most of the products made by men  ( even these food art  maybe ) , that's quite weird actually ;).   Anyway, enjoy them everyone






Human Face food art made from rice is the most excellent part which I found,  very creative, I think it's is difficult and takes alot of time






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