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8/12/2020 9:36:45 PM

Tell me why - Declan Galbraith and the future singer

 The media is still talking about this song as a children's tribute, so they start to compare it with Heal The World of Michael Jackson. when the song was first launched on December 9, 2002 ,  Declan Galbraith hit the UK media and the world with a young talent, upcoming artist in the first degree.

December 9th 2002, the largest choir in history, drawn from all parts of the UK and Ireland joined Declan to sing 'Tell Me Why' for a Guinness World Record. The event was organized by 'Young Voices in Concert'. Funds from the record-breaking attempt were donated to the Sargent Cancer Care for Children.

 I understand this is his first video and it's quite old actually, but I still want it on my blog list.  I know that many students still use this song for thier projects at school, well, we talk about green house, earth warming alot recently.... but I used to hate those projects because everytime they keep talking about like save the world in peace and clean, but then others just discover they do it for their profits and it's all about money ....



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