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10/24/2018 3:36:07 AM

Artist gives amazing 3D-effect painting street art

The apocalyptic scene may appear to be straight from a Hollywood disaster movie – but it is actually an amazing 3D-effect painting by artist Edgar Mueller. Edgar, 40, created the work – Lava Burst in Gelder – for a street painting contest in his native Germany.

Muller turned River Street in Saskatchwan, Canada into a 3D painted river


The 3D art of Edgar Muller


An earlier piece saw him turn River Street in Moose Jaw, Canada, into a torrent and waterfall. He explained: “It’s a new artform that only a handful of people do worldwide. It tricks people’s eyes and shows them a new reality.”

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A little girl is pictured running down a painted street of water and molten lava in the German city of Geldern


The 3D art of Edgar Muller




Shark street art created by Edgar Muller in Hong Kong


The 3D art of Edgar



Artist Muller gives the illusion of a man travelling down an escalator


The 3D art of Edgar Muller



The dramatic street art entitled The Crevasse by Edgar Muller









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