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4/21/2019 10:53:02 PM

The world's strongest American melons

Heee, Webmaster just send me a very interesting topic, though this woman has a little bit over acting but cool! Check out ;)

Busty - real name Susan Sykes - uses her 20lb mammaries to beat the oversized fruit to a pulp in one giant whack. The 47-year-old's other frontline tricks include crushing beer cans and bricks with her assets as well as lifting bowling balls. Dont worry, I wil lead you to the real video


Despite a 26-year career in the adult industry, Busty has now become an internet sensation, with millions logging on to see her breast-taking tricks. The strip club owner, whose vital statistics are a staggering 95 JJ, said she is loving all the extra attention.




Busty said: "I take this ability very seriously. It has been the cornerstone of my career and has provided me with a lot of good times and enjoyment.

Amazingly, despite having her assets enhanced in the 80s, American Busty has not had any other surgery on her eye-popping body parts. When she was growing up in Turtlepoint in Pennsylvania her breasts developed so quickly her dad pulled her out of a mixed school and sent her to an all-girls one. But they carried on growing and have even proved deadly to some onlookers She added: "Once a customer died in front of me when I was on stage and took my top off, he just dropped stone dead. ....poor thing :(






Here ya go ;) 


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