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11/14/2019 8:22:09 PM

Top 10: Modern Fetish Models

No.10 - Kataxenna: When trying to describe Kataxenna, the word "vamp" comes repeatedly to mind. With her full, pouting lips and her sultry gaze, Katexenna oozes sexuality. Whether she's wearing lingerie or latex, her body can barely be contained. Kataxenna's website features a kind of manifesto on sexual ideals, proclaiming that it's the “feminine,” the "voluptuous" and the "sensual" women


No.9 - Sarah Kozer:
You might recognize Sarah Kozer from her appearance on the FOX reality show Joe Millionaire or maybe from her pictorial in Playboy, but she is also a well-known modern fetish model. Sarah has been featured in such fetish films as Desperate Bondage Strugglers, Girls Tickle Girls! and Novices in Knots. When you combine Sarah Kozer’s brief penetration of the mainstream that brought attention to the bondage and fetish scenes with her movie-star good looks, she undeniably earns a spot on our list of the top 10 modern fetish models.



No.8 - Jasmine Sinclair:  There's something deceptively innocent about Jasmine Sinclair. She looks like a good girl, or maybe the girl next door, but there's also something mischievous about her. Jasmine Sinclair makes our list of the top 10 modern fetish models precisely because she masters that balance between sweet and seductive. Whatever it is about a good-girl-gone-bad that turns us on, Jasmine Sinclair has it in spades. Whether in her bondage pics or in her girl-on-girl photos, Sinclair conveys a certain vulnerability through her modeling that's hard to resist. 

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No.7 - Susan Wayland is a German-born fetish model who specializes in latex. Her website features images of the busty blonde in latex chaps, latex nurse's outfits and latex army fatigues. A Susan Wayland photograph reminds us that the fetish models' love of latex is one of the reasons men are attracted to them. First of all, latex is incredibly form-fitting, accentuating every curve of the female body. Second, there's something fantastical about it -- latex always looks somehow unrealistic in a playful sort of way. Whatever it is that we love about latex, Susan Wayland wears it as well as any modern fetish model in the business.


No.6 -  Ashley Renee is one of the racier women on the list of the top 10 modern fetish models, since she specializes in bondage photography. Renee is often pictured tied, bound and gagged, often with her body twisted and contorted in provocative positions. She often appears virtually, if not, completely naked. Ashley Renee describes herself as a submissive, intrigued by the exchange of power in sexual relationships. She consistently explores the boundary between pleasure and pain, inciting and encouraging some of our most taboo desires.

No.5 -  Ancilla Tilia was featured in the best-selling Dutch Playboy of all time, and with good reason. Tilia embodies one of the key qualities of the hottest modern fetish models -- she gets the fantasy element. Often, what attracts us to fetish models are the characters they play and the roles they inhabit. Whether dressed as a life-size Barbie doll or as a seductive stewardess, Ancilla excels at the fantasy role-play that fetish models do so well. Tilia's facility with fantasy is evidenced by her personal website, which features images of her in a French maid's outfit, in catsuits and reenacting bondage fantasies. 


No.4 - Christine Dolce Also known as ForBiddeN, the notoriety of this MySpace sex symbol has increased right alongside the popularity of the well-known social networking site. Christine Dolce has been featured on the covers of FHM Europe and Guitar Buyer's Guide. She's also appeared in Vanity Fair, on MTV and on The Tyra Banks Show. Last, but certainly not least, she posed for Playboy in 2006. Given that she’s a little bit Christina Aguilera and a little bit Sarah Michelle Gellar, it's easy to understand Christine Dolce's appeal. She's the blond-haired sexpot, the type that plays a feature role in just about every guy's fantasies. With a rocket-hot body and a penchant for role-play, Christine Dolce tops our list of the top 10 fetish models. 



 No.3 - Dita Von Teese There's a certain timelessness to Dita Von Teese's sex appeal. Of all the women on our list of the top 10 modern fetish models, Dita, more than any other model, recreates the appeal of early fetish models like Bettie Page. The beautiful brunette also has experience as a burlesque performer, and her seductive artistry is evident in her pictures. She has the ability to be sexy and ladylike at the same time, making her a sure thing on our list.



No.2 - Darenzia Raven-haired Darenzia has all the qualities we look for in one of our top 10 modern fetish models: She specializes in that ultra-feminine kind of sexy we associate with fetish models. On her website, Darenzia proclaims: "I simply adore being a girl." That's evident from all the shots of the former ballerina in lacy lingerie and sexy stockings. Darenzia has a wild side too, however, as she states: "As far back as I can remember, I've been obsessed with latex." That's funny, because since the moment we first saw Darenzia in a skin-tight racing outfit, we've been obsessed with latex too.



No.1 - Bianca Beauchamp This Canadian beauty is most recognizable by her shock of flaming red hair and her incredible hourglass figure. It's impossible not to include the curvaceous Canadian on our list of the top 10 fetish models, especially because her road to fetish model fame is such an interesting story. Early in her career, Bianca Beauchamp studied to be a French teacher. (We know. Hot right?) However, while participating in an internship, Bianca's modeling website was discovered. Pictures of the new French teacher in revealing latex outfits didn't go over well with the powers that be. 


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