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5/31/2020 8:37:21 PM

Glamour & Architecture with Spider Webs



At first look you might think that it's totally photoshopped but well imagine when you wake up in the early morning, if it's winter you can see all the dew drops stick in a spider web. Freezing weather creates small ice cubes on it, and of course you need to look closely to see how mazing it is. This is also the combination of a photographer's eyes and the nature.




Whorled White Web 5 by David Reeves.


The picture under is a “fluffy” web taken in a park in Holland. It isn’t actually an attempt to take over the world but works as a kind of obstacle course. Its intention is to confuse insects and make them more likely to get trapped. It also helps the spider avoid being lunch for its enemies, such as wasps and birds. I've been to this park before, it's a huge garden and spider web like this can happen, sort of art or something like this......

Strange trees in Oosterpark by Katja Hofmann.


This giant communal spider web was photographed in Texas and measured over one hundred and eight meters in length (more info). Entomologists think that it may be the results of socialization, with spiders deliberately building webs in unison that merge in to one giant net (for elephants possibly?). However, scientists have no real idea whether the spiders are working in a “Borg” like way or it is simply accidental.

Communal Cobweb Spider - Anelosimus studiosus (Hentz, 1850)


Spiderweb, Home is where you weave it. by moonjazz.


A Spider And His Web (Macro) by Jim-AR.


Once the web is complete the spider bites off the three spirals at the center. Then it sits and it waits! Hopefully, before long, something plump and juicy will get stuck.

The web is an incredibly efficient way of gathering food. The spider doesn’t have to go chasing after its prey – it simply waits. However, everything has its downside. The web is high in protein and as such its production takes a lot of energy. What a lot of spiders do is at the end of a day, when the web has lost a lot of its stickiness, they will eat it!

In this way the spider recycles its own web and regains some of the energy it used to make the web in the first place.

Web by Peter Olin.




the light fantastic by Robert S. Donovan (booleansplit).


Spider Web Gravity Well by Automania.


Freaky spiderweb by paul`s parking.

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