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10/24/2018 1:57:47 AM

Collection of Lingerie cakes

Lingerie Cake by SweetToothFairy.


It is said Lingerie is a piece of cake because it's sweet and yummy  , it might have another meanings hahaha...what about cake is a piece of lingerie? You might seen the Nintendo cake, ipod cake and many other gadget cakes in Asiantown, here I show you a collection of nice and creative lingerie cakes. I bet girls will like it more

Cakes are an AWESOME way to top of your theme party, birthday party, anniversary, or any other special occassion. The right cake can make all the difference. For a girl's party what is more incredible than a lingerie cake?  The principle to make a lingerie cake is also very simple, it is used the same recepie to make a normal cake, you just need a shape, that's all. I think you can also make it if you like

Check out the rest.........

lingerie cake corset charley.salas@sbcglobal.net www.myspace.com/misscharleee by Charley And The Cake Factory.


Lingerie Cake 2 by SweetToothFairy.








Lingerie-Corcet cake by Charley And The Cake Factory.


Lingerie Cake by turkeydogmom.



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