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3/22/2019 11:30:07 PM

Stars who suffer a wardrobe malfunction on stage

Check out who are the stars who accidentally give their fans a glimpse of their underwear and body parts

Actress Maggie Q suffers a malfunction on the set of MissionImpossible III

Actress Maggie Q jpg


Actress-singer Gigi Leung suffers a wardrobe malfunction on stage

Actress singer Gigi Leung jpg



Dee Hsu aka `Xiao S`, posing with a contestant on the variety show, Kangxi Lai Le

Dee Hsu aka Xiao S jpg

Dee Hsu aka Xiao S1 jpg


Eva Cavalli, wife of Italian fashion designer Roberto Cavalli, suffers from an embarrassing wardrobe malfunction as her white skirt fell down around her ankles

Eva Cavalli jpg

Eva Cavalli1 jpg


Singer Jay Chou`s pants fall on stage

Singer Jay Chou jpg

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