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8/18/2019 10:03:33 AM

Scientists solve mystery of the world"s largest flower

Much of the mystery behind the world`s largest and stinkiest flower, the rafflesia have been revealed.

The rafflesia is the worlds largest flower, the bloom measuring about 3 feet wide. It is also the stinkiest bloom in the world, smelling much like rotting flesh to attract pollinators.

A report in the journal Science Thursday said that the raffesia, a blood-red bloom, was discovered in 1818 during a scientific expedition to a Sumatran rain forest. It comes from a family of tiny flowers and not big ones, most of which are just a few millimeters wide. The family includes the poinsettia, and other crops like the rubber tree, caster oil plant and cassava shrub.

The rafflesia flower is a parasite that lives on a tropical vine similar to the grapevine. The flower can weigh 15 pounds and look and smell like rotting flesh. They can even emit heat that mimics a newly killed animal, and this tricks insects into pollinating it.

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