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10/23/2018 4:48:44 PM

Cellphone Ringtone Increase Your Breast Size

A Japanese researcher thinks he's found a cheap, non-invasive breast augmentation method based on a woman's natural physiological response to the sound of a crying baby. Could this be the solution to breast enhancement without surgery?




 Hideto Tomabechi ( founder) is no crackpot - he once helped deprogram members of the notorious Aum Shinrikyo cult, implicated in the Tokyo subway nerve gas attacks of 1995.  This time, he's out to boost busts through the miracle of sound!

Tomobechi theorizes that women respond to the sound of a crying baby both emotionally and physically; the latter being in the form of increased breast size. He also noted that cellphones are ubiquitous in urban Japan today, especially among the young female demographic who answer calls up to 40 times per day.




A range of health care experts have poo-poo'd any connection between aural tones and physiological changes, but on the upside Tomobechi's theory is both inexpensive and non-invasive - as opposed to breast enhancement surgery or popping breast enlargement pills.

 Now let's listen to what Hideto Tomabechi talk to see if it's real or not

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