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12/14/2018 11:01:25 AM

Filmmaker implants camera in eye to become 'Eyeborg'

A one-eyed filmmaker is going to implant a camera in his eye to make a film from his point of view. Rob Spence, a documentary filmmaker from Canada, has been unable to use his right eye since it was damaged in a firearms accident as a child.

After wearing an eyepatch for many years, he recently got a prosthetic eye implanted – and decided he wanted to become what he calls an "Eyeborg" – a part-human, part-camera cyborg. Spence wants to use the camera to explore privacy issues, calling himself a "human surveillance machine."

At a recent conference in Brussels, he said the eye camera would be the best way to make a connection with a documentary subject. Yet surveillance could be more of an issue for Spence when he becomes an "Eyeborg".




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