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9/22/2019 2:53:06 PM

Chinese obese singers performing arts group for overweight

Members of a performance group for overweight people pose for photos backstage during their performance in Zhengzhou, China / Barcroft Media

Well, obese children in China is increasing. This obviously shows us that China is growing in fast food industry. Sounds good news for Mcdonald huh!  A group of overweight oriental performers are hoping to follow in the heavyweight footsteps of the likes of Beth Ditto by singing and dancing their way to musical success.

They have formed a song and dance group exclusively for the fabulously fat - their nation’s first professional performing arts group for overweight people. These is nothing special about this fact only want to show the pictures. They look ....actually no comment 

I mean you can see the different between vegetable ( yellow on the left) and Pizza and Mcdonald ( right). It depends on how you control your incoming and out burning calories everyday guys ;) 

More pictures of the show

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