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9/26/2018 1:40:47 PM

Towering dust clouds engulf the capital of Saudi Arabia


My dreaming living in Dubai is broken since I see these pictures. These scenes were captured as a  total capital city was swallowed up in a huge sandstorm yesterday. Dust clouds blew across from the desert at noon, engulfing the whole Saudi Arabian city of Riyadh, in ten minutes. Activity in the capital ground to a halt as reduced visibility of a few metres caused travel chaos on the roads.  It is said that four million residents were forced to seek refuge from the grit as the storm raged for hours. Although sand storms are common in the area, these towering dust clouds have been described as the worst in decades.

So what is worth with the world tallest buidings, they all can be blown up with in seconds by dust storm like this. Anyway, enjoy the rest of these pictures 


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