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10/17/2018 1:38:51 AM

"Diadema Diamante" is the most expensive Champagne label


Champagne lovers known for their rich taste might have sipped the finest champagne from the Italian house, Diadema. But in case you have stuck with the sparkling wines from Dom Perignon, then the richly flavored “Diadema Diamante” champagne by Alberto Giannotti is another step towards exclusivity and luxury. The coveted bubbly flaunts the most expensive label in the world stored in a 4 karat bottle of wine with 134 diamonds.

The precious bottle, worth $10,506 contains a superb Super Tuscan made of a Sangiovese and Syrah mix. And, for those on the more demanding side, there is also a magnum version that includes 180 diamonds, equal to 5.2 karats, packed in wooden boxes lined with black leather and sewn with silver thread which is priced at $15,757. The diamonds are set in white gold on the silver label.  Diadema even caters to the taste of those on the slightly less wealthy side with Swarovski crystal bottles.


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