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10/16/2018 10:41:17 AM

Paris Hilton acting like she didn't just have fun behind a tree

PARIS: Yes! Yes!
DOUG: Mmm, baby. Are the paparazzi here yet? Oh, yeah...
PARIS: I called them when you were putting a condom on. YES!
DOUG: Condom?
PARIS: .... Wow. You're going to want to get to hospital. Yesterday.
DOUG: Hospital? Why? *looks down* Oh. Oh, GOD! Why is it sprouting mushrooms?
PARIS: Hey! When it grows a head, torso, arms and starts predicting the future then you can start your bitching. But for right now, get your ass in the car!
DOUG: Yes, ma'am.
VOICE: I foresee burning in young Douglas' future...
PARIS: Quiet, you!

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