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9/26/2018 1:37:34 PM

Take a took at street dentist in India - This is not for panic people

So don't like the cost of dentists in the U.S.? Check out these street-dentists and their tools in Bangalore, India.

For those with a phobia of impromptu dentistry made in dusty, excrement-covered streets by a man who puts his patients in headlocks while using rusty pliers to pluck out rotten molars, this gallery of India's street dentists is sure to have you lying on the floor in a panic attack.

You might less complain about the dentist price in America after watching this gallery and you might faint after watching this video.   

 This video is not for those who has heart attack ....but I feel so sorry for these people who got no money to visit a good dentist ...so glad for where I've been at the moment.


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