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7/15/2020 6:23:41 AM

Snake Skin For Fashion Industry, How they do it!


I hate snakes with passion but It`s quite sad when I watch these photos, I actually just bought a real snake skin bag as a birthday present for my mom 2 weeks ago, well, she loves it, and it costs me lots of money, now I regret, I shouldnt buy it though. There are alot of presents which I can give her instead of that bag. Without saying I bet you guys know what is it about. Yes, they kills alot of snakes and take thier skins to make bags, clothes, shoes ...... for fashion, medicine and so on. I have seen how people kill a pig, a dog but a snake seems more cruel...






Talking about people who work in this job, must be scary job to me but look at the boy face in the picture below, he looks quite relax ....it might all about for living I think so




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