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10/16/2018 8:34:44 AM

The flat loudspeaker that is as thin as a sheet of foil

When I read this news, I thought it was an april fool but both BBC News and the science publication PhysOrg had takes on this, and the company itself has a website that appears to be legit, or at least not funny enough to be a joke. 

A groundbreaking new loudspeaker that can be printed on and used as a wall poster has been developed by British engineers.  The lightweight and flexible speakers are less than 0.25mm thick and could also be concealed in car interiors or ceiling tiles. They were developed by the University of Warwick spin-out company, Warwick Audio Technologies, who plan to start selling them later this year. 




FFL technology is a carefully designed assembly of thin, conducting and insulating, materials resulting in the development of a flexible laminate, which when excited by an electrical signal will vibrate and produce sound.

The speaker laminate operates as a perfect piston resonator. The entire diaphragm therefore radiates in phase, forming an area source. The wave front emitted by the vibrating surface is phase coherent, producing a plane wave with very high directivity and very accurate sound imaging.



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