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10/19/2019 2:44:59 AM

LG Icecream Netbook – Use It in Your Car

Summer collections of electronic gadgets still keep being innovated. I am sure that many of us are fond of ice-cream, but do you want to have a netbook of its color? This delicious dessert, which reminds people of summer, inspired LG company representatives to create a netbook, designed specially for usage in cars. The netbook will have the color of ice-cream and will easily be installed in a car. It has recently been showed at the Seoul Auto exhibition.




LG has recently announced the availability of its new netbook. Probably, users will be able to buy it in Europe in April. The supposed price is approximately $610 . The netbook received a very simple name - X120, for people to remember it quickly. It will come in vanilla, lime and cherry flavors.



Concerning the technical characteristics of the netbook, it is known that it features the Smart On OS which offers an immediate access to your favorite music, photos, video records, web, and office files. IM allows the transfer of your Desktop PC content to laptop due to Smart-Link technology using a standard USB cable. Other specifications of the netbook are the following:


l`atterrisseur X120 Netbook de lg-x120-netbook-closed a annoncé



• It has a 10.1-inch screen (1024×576 pixels)

• 1.6GHz Atom processor

• 1.3 megapixel camera

• TruSurround XT for audio 


The X120 netbook is not the first product by LG, created under the influence of food: earlier it introduced the new line of phones inspired by ice-cream as well - the 13.6mm-thick clamshell which is available in three flavors - vanilla, strawberry and pistachio. So, X120 continues the tradition of LG representatives to find new and challenging ideas in every thing they see.

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