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11/13/2018 4:34:10 PM

Incredible images as giant snake eats croc

anaconda caiman

 These amazing pictures show the epic battle as a giant anaconda snake takes on member of the crocodile family in a fight to the death. The green Anaconda attacked the two-metre Caiman, near the town of Los Llanos, Venezuela, finding it in the swamps of the jungle where both species live.

The unsuspecting Caimam, a relative of crocodiles and alligators, is approached from below by the giant snake, which procedes to wrap it's powerful body around the reptile and slowly squeeze it to death.

anaconda caiman

Squeezing the life out of animals is the preferred method of the anaconda - a close relative of the boa constrictor - for hunting, as it has no poison.

Having subdued its victim the snake then takes on the long process of consuming the large caiman. With an elastic-like jaw that allows it to open its mouth almost vertically the snake has the ability to swallow animals much wider than it, but it takes a lot of time to swallow the caiman. 

anaconda caiman

After finally finishing off its meal the snake usually finds a place to rest and digest it. Anaconda vs caiman struggles are well documented and it can often be the case that the caiman emerges victorious if it can get its teeth into the snake's body

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