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10/21/2018 2:54:27 AM

China has found another weird animal: 6 legs cow

Six-legged cow in China (2)

The six-year-old beast lives in Yichang zoo in Hubei Province, China, where it is something of a tourist attraction. You know, strange creatures – including a six-legged frog and a two-faced kitten  mostly found in China– but they don’t seem to be running out. I doubt if they give chemical food to these poor animals. China is famous for a lot of fake stuffs though

Six-legged cow in China (3)

This one is particularly entertaining as the two spare legs seem to be sticking out of its backside.Perhaps this is what Americans are talking about when they say “bum steer”

Six-legged cow in China (4)A six-legged cow in China`s Yichang zoo

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