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7/14/2020 1:26:02 AM

Air-conditioned coffins: Even the dead need to chill in peace

coffins serbia


No matter how you live or die, make sure you depart like a KING, this coffins you’d love to die for - a list of designer, luxurious and eco-friendly coffins for those who would like to make the funerals of their near and dear ones very special. While the world is fighting the recession, people in Serbia are spending their hard earned money on coffins. They are spending on coffins with a built-in air-conditioning system that will keep the bodies fresh. Manufacturers in the town of Novi Sad said that the high-tech body chillers are designed to keep corpses well-preserved before burial during the hot summer months. Such coffins are to die for if you seek comfort and style, even after death. These air-conditioned coffins are selling for around £4,500 (US $6,595).

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