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12/9/2019 12:25:38 PM

The “Digital Roll” - A New Laptop Concept That Breaks The Mould

Ask anyone what a laptop, a notebook, or a netbook looks like and the chances are they’ll tell you it has a screen and a keypad and is sort of square shaped but maybe with rounded corners.

Ask them to elaborate on differences between the various models and you are likely to hear about differences in thickness, whether it’s light or heavy, and the sizes of the screens. Some may come out and speak about fancy features like raised keyboards or multi card slots, data security maybe.

Then you have those who would focus on the different colours and trims, whether it’s glossy or matt what they are made of and so on.


The point I’m getting at here is that basically all laptops, no matter what you call them, follow the same basic bookish design with maybe a few added touches, features or specifications that differentiate them from the rest.

You would be pretty shocked if someone came out and said that a laptop is cylindrical or tube shaped and that it rolls up like a scroll. It might even cross your mind that they were completely mad or some alien creature from another planet.

That just isn’t an image the masses are likely to have in mind at all when you mention a laptop and yet that is exactly the design that computer scientist and designer Hao Hua has come up with. Ok so it’s still at the conceptual stage and not a reality yet but what an exciting idea.

According to Hao Hua the digital roll as he calls it is “the next generation laptop design”. Personally, I can’t wait. The laptop would have a flexible OLED screen, a roll-able keyboard and the straps double up as USB outlets. It even has a mouse and a webcam that you can attach to your wrist. This really is computing on the go at its best. Hao has even put a lot of thought into the cooling system which is equally as innovative as the rest of the design.

I particularly like the thought that has gone into the in-between bit that allows you to check your emails quickly without unravelling the ‘laptop’ entirely.

Are we likely to see it making an appearance on the streets any time soon? Unfortunately no! But you can bet that I for one will be waiting when it does.

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