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4/25/2018 4:48:32 AM

Taiwanese singer Jay Chou`s girlfriend, 18, wants to have babies without marriage

Hannah Quinlivan and jay chou

Jay Chou and Hannah Quinlivan couple

Taiwanese model Hannah Quinlivan who is the girlfriend of actor Jay Chou said that she can’t till wait to get married for the babies, Jay was asked when his girlfriend wants to get hitched and immediately replied that “Now is OK.”

Jay Chou with the age of 32 has a girlfriend with the name of Hannah Quinlivan who is only the age of 18, who said that she wants to have the babies of Jay. There is a big difference between of both. It is possible highly after few months that Hannah will get pregnant in the month of November or the month of December of the year of 2011.

Jay Chou will have a shotgun marriage, but if she chooses an abortion, then their relationship of love will die. It was said by the Taiwan fortuneteller with having the name of Tsai Shang-chi that Jay with the age of 32 and his girlfriend Hannah have an active sex life. The marriage and the babies are on cards for Jay.

Hannah Quinlivan – half-Taiwanese, half-Australian model who just turned 18 on August 12

Jay Chou, the Chinese-speaking world`s biggest star, now a Hollywood actor, has previously been romantically linked with Vivian Hsu, Jolin Tsai, Hebe Tien, Patty Hou and Jessie Chiang

Hannah Quinlivan pictures

hannah quinlivan5

Hannah Quinlivan 01

Hannah Quinlivan 02

Hannah Quinlivan 04

Hannah Quinlivan 05

Hannah Quinlivan 06

Hannah Quinlivan 07

Hannah Quinlivan 08

Hannah Quinlivan 09

Hannah Quinlivan 10

Hannah Quinlivan 11

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Hannah Quinlivan 16

JayChou girlfriend HannahQuinlivan

JayChou girlfriend HannahQuinlivan1

JayChou girlfriend HannahQuinlivan2

JayChou girlfriend HannahQuinlivan3

JayChou girlfriend HannahQuinlivan4

JayChou girlfriend HannahQuinlivan5

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