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8/4/2020 11:45:00 AM

Park Min Young`s "Make up dance" the cutest scene from City Hunter Drama


I don`t know why they edited out this super cute make-up dance of Kim Nana. In episode 13 of City Hunter, this scene was supposed to be aired but they cut it out. As already seen in the pictures above, Park Min Young even practiced for this particular part of the scene.

The original plan for the scene would go like this : She and Lee Min Ho are having a conversation then all of a sudden, to brighten up his mood, she decided to dance in front of him while singing the NU ABO song of the Kpop group f(x). The lyrics of that song are calling her name, "Nana", that`s why she`s so happy while dancing it.


Submitted by AznxFailure

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