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7/11/2020 9:55:28 PM

Solar powered barbecue on sale

Manufactured by Swiss company Tammock Trading, the Solar-Grill reflects sunlight onto a hot plate using mirrors and is available via the internet for £125 ($300).

Tammock Trading chief executive officer Rolf Schneeberger said the company was playing a part in helping people become more environmentally friendly.

“There`s no smoke, no open fire and no pollution,” he told the Daily Mail.

“It`s a small contribution to saving the environment but we feel we are doing our bit to help people be more green.”

Should Britain`s infamous clouds roll in before the sausages are done, cooking can continue using odourless, alcohol-based fuel tablets.

Solar Power GrillSolar Power GrillSolar Power GrillSolar Power Grill
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