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7/13/2020 12:57:13 AM

Meet the new world's smallest midget who half size of movie midget Danny DeVito

wow, lower than the half of my size , this  pint-sized film star is the new world's smallest actor. The Indian comedy legend stands at 2ft 6in tall.


Mini-me ... actor with pal

Ajay Kumar has forced his way into the Guinness Book of World Records after starring in more than 50 films over the past 13 years.

Winner ... with his awards

Now he is aiming to take on the world after proving size doesn’t matter. You guys can learn from this guys, alot of strong spirits though life takes something from him, but he also gets something back

Ajay said: “There’s no point complaining about being a dwarf.

“I am small in size but I have got the talent and can work like a normal man.”

Having earned fame and a small fortune through his acting, Ajay was even considered an eligible bachelor by families keen to find a good husband for their daughters.

His marriage in 2005 to wife Gayatri, who at 5ft 1in is more than twice her husband’s height, was broadcast on local television across India’s south-western states.


Ajay said: “We had a traditional arranged marriage. My mother was looking for a match for me when our neighbour said she had a relative with an educated and beautiful daughter. That how they call the power of money and talent !


"My mother arranged the meeting and I liked her, so we got engaged.

“My five-month-old daughter is a normal size like her mother, so I am very happy.

Wife ... Midget star with the missus

“My wife is educated and she decided marrying me by her own choice after the proposal was brought to her. She gives me a lot of moral support and never minds that I am dwarf.”

Earning up to £20,000 per year, eight times the salary of an average university graduate, Ajay lives in a plush four-bedroom detached house surrounded by palm trees and banana groves, with a chauffeur-driven car.

Mini motor ... Ajay`s ride

Tiny ... Ajay on set

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