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8/18/2019 10:23:18 AM

Panasonic"s 103 Inch Plasma TV Reviewed

"Everything about the Panasonic TH-103PF9 is massive. Truly, gargantuanly, humungously massive! For starters, its screen acreage measures in at a frankly terrifying 103in from corner to corner. This makes it not only the biggest TV we’ve ever tested here at TrustedReviews, but also the biggest TV ever sold commercially in the UK. To give you some idea of just how big 103in of TV really is, the 103PF9’s screen will accommodate four 50in TV screens, and still have a few inches spare. Phenomenal. The screen is as heavy as it is large, too, weighing in at 220kg – an already mighty figure that turns into 350kg if you also use the optional heavy-duty stand."

Panasonic Plasma

The good: it`s huge! The bad: it`s huge. As in massive. And heavy. It takes a team of people and an indoor crane to install in your house. High def content, particularly 1080p, looks phenomenal, but SD content looks like crap. Still, if you`ve got $65,000, and a house big enough to put it in, this is the TV for you.

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