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10/19/2019 3:15:16 PM

Hello Kitty Beer

You know that you can never get the men in your life to appreciate Hello Kitty and you have probably given up on these efforts that are bound to be futile. But here comes the Hello Kitty Beer.

I know that there isn't a better way to make your way into a man's heart than through his beer mug and this pretty kitty seems to know that. It's Becks beer that has gone down this cute path and provided us with Hello Kitty Beer. I'm sure she makes the frothy beer even better.

Never before would I have associated pink with this manly drink, but it has finally happened! Go on and experiment, check if your boy is more tolerant to Hello Kitty now that she is on his bottle of beer. I'd like to know the results! I think I know what my drink of choice for the weekend will be.

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