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10/19/2018 5:30:58 AM

Swine flu style: A fashion essential

THESE colourful masks are just the accessory that any self-respecting fashionista needs during a global pandemic.

Even though they might not stop you getting swine flu, you will still stand out from the crowd rocking around town with a design like this on your face.

Swine flu style: A pig snout mask


Japanese designers Samira Boon offer more than 15 different masks including the pig snout mask and a range of other animal and human faces.

Swine flu style: Easy, tiger

Surgical facemasks have taken off recently across the globe, and are definitely the thing to be seen with this May.

Swine flu style: Meow!

Masks are an extremely common sight in Japan and other parts of Asia for sufferers of colds and flu, and have been used for years to stop the spread of disease across cramped cities and transport systems.

Swine flu style: Grrrrrr!

It’s not all good news though, as UK and World Health Organisation experts have said the masks will not be effective at preventing transmission of swine flu. The recommended advice is to wash your hands and use tissues.

Swine flu style: A mask with a difference

Swine flu style: Monkey about

Swine flu style: A fashion essential

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