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11/13/2019 10:55:10 AM

Asian babe - Who's hotter? Lee Hyori vs Misa Campo final round

Hot asian babe competition final round, I look at some asian babe blogs which I had posted so far and want to come up with "the hotter of all"?  Back to the last post,  Lee Hyori vs Yumi Sugimoto, Lee Hyori got 75 % from 773 voters which is considered the highest percent so far . While Misa Camo won out of 4 girls on a road .

Though I can hardly belive the result comes out not really comparable at all because Lee Hyori is 29 years old and Misa Campo is only 20, they both look sexy and win the highest vote from you guys. Now let's finish this round before we go on second round


Relax, kick out your choicses, and feast your eyes!  Click on the pictures to view in better quality

Lee Hyori from Korea   







 Misa Campo from Philipine



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