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12/11/2018 7:34:51 AM

Justin Bieber appeared on TV and told the truth about love child allegations

Justin Bieber has spoken for the first time about allegations he fathered a fan`s four-month-old child.

Mariah Yeater, 20, claims in court filings that the star father her son Tristyn during a 30-second sex session in a bathroom backstage after one of his shows.

She now wants to force the 17-year-old to take a DNA test and pay up to $260,000 in monthly child support.

`I would just like to say basically that none of those allegations are true,` he told the Today Show.

`I know that I`m going to be a target but I`m never going to be a victim.`

He continued: `I think it`s crazy because every night after the show I`m gone, right from the stage to my car so it`s crazy that some people want to make up such false allegations but to set the record straight, none of it is true.`

When host Matt Lauer asked if he had met Mariah, he said: `Never met the woman.`

It has been claimed that the Yeater told her ex-boyfriend he was the father last year, but he denied he got her pregnant.

According to Frances Lippe who told TMZ that Mariah had been dating her grandson John Terranova in Las Vegas toward the end of high school.

According to the gossip website Mariah told John that he was the father and the pair got into a fight after he denied her allegations.

Yeater was arrested and charged with battery, according to TMZ because she had hit John in the face.

The family have said they haven`t heard from Ms Yeater since.

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According to Associated Press, Cmdr. Andrew Smith said that no report has yet been taken about the incident, which allegedly occurred last October at the Staples Centre.

But that doesn`t mean police won`t take action, given that it`s been reported that Yeater is filing a paternity suit against the young pop star.

It has also emerged that she considered giving the boy up for adoption before instead going public with her Bieber bombshell.

`She didn`t know if she was going to keep him,` said Samra Fae Stepper, a relative who looked after Yeater for several months during her pregnancy.
`We kept asking about the father, but I didn`t press it.`

Stepper`s mother, Frances Wilson, said: `I did ask her if she was going to keep the baby. She said she didn`t know.

`I don`t think she knew until almost when the baby was born.`

Wilson said Yeater had told her, `I`m pretty sure I know who he is,` referring to the father. `But she said she wasn`t going to tell him.`

Via dailymail.co.uk and ap.org

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