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10/22/2018 4:04:57 AM

The amazing art that made from 5 million nude people

Some people might say that humans beings are herd animals. But these stunning images appear to prove the adage beyond any doubt.

These surreal mosaics, made from thousands of swarming human bodies, were the talk of this year`s Pulse LA art fair.
The awe-inspiring pieces, created by New York based-photographic artist Angelo Musco, are, literally, making waves in the photographic world.

Musco says his physical limitations meant that he found expression in art and the images and visions he had in his head.

Angelo Musco humans art

Angelo Musco humans art1

Angelo Musco humans art2

Angelo Musco humans art3

Angelo Musco humans art4

Angelo Musco humans art5

Angelo Musco humans art6

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