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10/14/2019 8:57:32 AM

20 kilograms just 7 month year old and probably the cutest fat kid ever

This Iranian Baby is just 7 months old and he weighs 20 kilograms! When he was born he was normal weighing at 3kg, at 3 months he suddenly weighed 11kg and now at 7 months he weighs an amazing 20 kilograms. His parents state that he drinks milk for 1 hour everyday. How is ti possible? They spoil him...I dont think it`s a good idea to feed your child like a fridge

But he`s so adorable though all the fat.....I like him

More pictures of him 






  Video after the jump,


I would bite his cheek if I meet him in reality, I like when he smiles but feel sorry for him somehow

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